Tuesday, June 12, 2012

“200 Years” Gets Mentioned in Print

For my birthday last year, my sister Jill bought me a subscription to Family Tree Magazine.  Today the July/August issue arrived and I quickly snatched it up and started reading it.  Advertised on the cover was: “Top 40 Genealogy Blogs Worldwide”. As a geneablogger (definition-n. one who can bore the entire internet with his family history research at the same time) this caught my eye immediately.  The article, titled “Around the World in 40 Blogs”, by Sunny Jane Morton, discusses what genealogy blogs are and what they are used for, highlighting geneablogs far and wide in a sort of Question & Answer format.
I started reading through the article looking for interesting blogs I may be missing when I ran across this entry on page 29:
Q. Will I find relatives mentioned on a Blog?
A. It’s not common, but it’s not impossible, especially if the blogger writes about the same small town your ancestors are from.  Within about two months from Dave Lynch’s first post on 200 Years in Paradise <200inparadise.blogspot.com>, a long-lost relative said hello in a comment.
Sunny Jane must have seen my post Blogging for Cousins, back in October where I mentioned this very thing!

Following the Q&A, Sunny Jane details her "40 Blogs" by location.  200 Years is highlighted as the representative for the US Virgin Islands:
200 YEARS IN PARADISE <200inparadise.blogspot.com> introduces readers to historical and genealogical sources for Virgin Islands research, particularly those that have informed the blogger's family research on St. Croix. (Did you know the 1920 US census data for the Virgin Islands was actually taken in 1917?)
Getting mentioned in print in the world’s largest genealogy magazine is a real treat.  I’m also proud to have 200 Years in Paradise chosen to represent “small town” geneablogs as well as getting the US Virgin Islands represented in a national genealogy magazine (when have you seen that?).  While technically not a “town”, the Virgin Islands is certainly a little place. Although there’s an awful lot of history there for such a little place.

Thank you Sunny Jane Morton and thanks to all my readers for all your support.


  1. Hello David
    Congratulations! Quite an accomplishment to be included in this magazine. I can't wait until my issue arrives.
    Great job,
    Your cousin Cathy in Arizona

  2. Thank you for posting on my blog!
    I would like to say : Congratulations to you too! on being selected one of the 40 best of 2012 !!
    Surely, we are proud to be mentioned there!
    And I would also like to say you have a very intersting blog!