Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas from 200 Years

SCAN0118 (Medium)I wish a very Merry Christmas for all of you from 200 Years in Paradise.  Christmas is a time for family and no one understands that better than those of us who spend the whole year thinking about family, genealogists and Family Historians.

For Christmas this year, I wanted to post a picture of Christmas in St Croix, but I have very few of them.  I assume that there are very few pictures that look like Christmas since decorations were typically indoors and I don’t think my grandfather had a flash in the early days.  Nearly all of my photos are outside.  I did run across this picture, a nativity scene in a church.  While there is no indication on the photo of where or when the picture was taken, I think it’s probably Holy Cross Catholic Church.

While I was looking, I found this picture.  From the railing, it may be the same church.  I’m not sure it is a Christmas picture, but it could be.  Does anyone recognize the church?  Is it a Christmas picture?  I’d love any information at all.

SCAN0450a (Medium)


  1. Dave,
    I'm not a Catholic, but it looks more like this Catholic holiday:

  2. Could very well be. Mary seems to be the focus. I thought Immaculate conception first, but couldn't tell. Thanks for the pointer.